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Stall in Mexico
How fun to see some family and friends that I rarely see! So I traveled to Minneapolis and surrounding areas and revisited an area where I grew up.  Seeing how really beautiful the area is with the many many lakes, fresh air, greenery and lovely landscaping was an artistic feast for me. I so enjoyed my daily walks and outings to nearby parks and art fairs, neighborhood coffee shops, attending my grandnieces birthday party and so many other things. The time in Minnesota was a smorgasbord of good feelings and love. 

Then just a few days later, off to Mexico! I haven’t traveled out of the country often however, visiting San Miguel de Allende has been on my bucket list for years and it worked out perfectly. Artwork is present in almost every shop and venue. I found artists that I loved at the Fabrica Aurora where over 70 artists display their works in beautiful galleries.  Mexico was an adventure for sure. Traveling solo I met amazing people, friendly people everywhere and though I don’t speak Spanish yet, it didn’t seem to matter.  I negotiated with the market people and purchased good food and stayed healthy! A goal! It was good for me to see that an artist can paint anything they want to paint and letting go—loosening up..helps indeed! Just enjoy painting! Enjoy art and artists! It so adds to our lives!


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