Team Building to Improve Communication, Engagement, Productivity

Team Building is an excellent resource for teams to improve overall effectiveness in all areas of a company. It is valuable to identify prior to a session exactly what the stakeholders would like to accomplish from the session. There should be a pre-program consultation to gain this understanding and commitment to the process.

From this information, exercises are selected to promote communication and give participants first-hand experience in learning skills, attitudes, goals, engagement, expectations and ways to develop a culture that will support these goals. These exercises are interactive and improvisational, meant to maximize the creativity of individuals and the group. Laughter and fun are part of the curriculum.

Participants will not only gain new perspectives about issues within their organizations but also about new paradigms that promote change.

As an alternative, teams may want to engage in pure creativity—painting on a canvas for pure enjoyment and camaraderie. These classes can be held outdoors or inside. A community project could also be incorporated to provide an element of service and community outreach.

Gloria Willis holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development and specializes in leadership development. She has worked in the insurance, energy, finance, and non-profit arenas with a strong passion for the arts. 

For questions about these programs and workshops, please contact Gloria at 504-553-6477 or email her at She would be delighted to answer any question pertaining to team building and maximizing your time in New Orleans. Visit for more information about Gloria Willis and to view some of her artwork.

Every week, I explore topics surrounding team-building, problem-solving, and blockage-clearing within organizations. Check out my podcasts here.


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Very professional and attractive site!! Inspirational and Inviting
-- Thomas Clute, 3/29/18

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