Flowers Flowers
Georgia O'Keefe's work inspired me to begin painting flowers. I love the simple lines and beautiful colors...and all things that are beautiful! Of all the flowers I paint, poppies are my favorite because of the rich vibrant color and the happy feeling they exude. Poppies spark a positive energy that people relate to instantly. Visitors to Jackson Square look for the artist that paints “poppies” and that’s how they find far that is; I am not limited to flowers!

Cityscapes Cityscapes
New Orleans has unique architecture, events and festivals. Capturing the energy, color, people and shapes is challenging, yet interesting for me to paint. The more I do it, the easier it is to paint and the better the paintings turn out.

Landscapes Landscapes
With so many beautiful parks in the New Orleans area and the beautiful weather year round, artists like me are always out painting.  This is a new area for me to explore….balancing the elements, light with capture what I see and feel in the landscape. 

Faces & Figuratives Faces & Figuratives
I like painting people—capturing their expression, attitude, color and voice. No two can ever be the same. I began my painting career by painting portraits. Later I learned to include activity in the paintings. And now, I’m adding buildings and the city of New Orleans more. 

Abstracts Abstracts
Abstract painting is something new for me. There is a certain freedom in these paintings...and they are fun to make! I love being in the NOW and creating something spontaneous. I never know what colors or shapes will emerge when I start.. and that is the fun of the it! They are totally mine. Every day I paint and abstract with great joy and anticipation just to get started. I share these with you to show you that painting is really fun!

Gloria Willis Fine Art

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